Corporate Events – Sales Strategies for Video Brochures

Large and small companies alike hold trade shows, sales contests and award events. Corporate events are huge business, and event marketers are always looking for new ways to create excitement and engage attendees.

Examples include:

Sales Contests – Video Brochures generate excitement about sales achievement.

Example: A large financial institution used video brochures to highlight the details of their sales contest and annual corporate achievers event.

Awards/Recognition – A great way to recognize a special achievement or award.

Example: A Credit Union sent out video brochures as a recognition award to 150 employees. It contained a special message from the CEO and a video reinforcing its mission. .

Special Event Gift – Given to each participant as a memento of the special event.

Example: Fortune 500 company gave out 200 video brochures to attendees as a special memento gift at the end of a 5 day executive conference. Each video book was loaded with highlights of the event.   

Ask your clients about Corporate Events and Sales Contests and how video brochures can help generate excitement and lasting memories.