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Video books, brochures, packaging and specialty items combine the feel of a beautifully printed piece with the visual story telling power of a video screen. The blend of print and video player create a dedicated viewing space for your customer's messaging. The tool allows your clients to tell whatever story they want in a space completely dedicated to their brand, their message and their audience.

Various hard cover video brochure sizes
Soft cover video brochures
Custom video box with 7 inch LCD screen

Hard cover video brochures are an elegant and substantial feeling tool to bring your video and photo messages to life in the hands of your audience.

Soft cover video brochures sometimes called video cards or video books offer a more casual and cost effective method of delivering your video message.

Video units can come in all shapes and sizes. Video/photo modules can be placed inside boxes, in desk top displays, padfolios and even case bound books.

Video Mailers at Work

Are your clients looking to make a great first impression on a new recruit? Maybe they want to get the attention of a hard to reach prospect or convey their sincere appreciation to team member. Or maybe they want to make a splash with a new product launch.  Whatever application they have video brochures can help set their message apart from any other means of communication.  Below are some real-life examples of how some companies have set themselves apart.

The 5 W's of Video Brochure Technology

The 5 W’s, also known as the Who, What, When, Where and Why, provide a great structure on how to evaluate any initiative in business or life in general.  It is no different in the world of video brochure technology.  Below is a quick recap of the 5 Ws as they apply to the video brochure tool set.

Who is using video brochure technology?

A wide selection of customers are using video brochures to grab the attention of their audiences. Drug companies, schools, real estate companies, and manufacturers use them. We make brochures for software and hardware companies, film studios, financial service companies, and franchise groups.

What shapes, sizes and formats do video brochures come in?

Video brochures are a combination of printing and display electronics that create a story telling device that is unlike anything else. Because it is based on printing these devices are custom designed to meet your customers exact needs. The screen sizes range from 2.4" up to 10". The brochures can fit many different budgets and client applications

The printed carrier can be in the form of a brochure, a hard cover book, a case bound book with printed pages, or a box with the electronics in the lid or base.  Freestanding desk displays, custom padfolios, three-ring binders, completely custom die cut foam designs and much more can also have video modules attached.  See our Gallery for some pictures of video brochure tech or see the video at the top of Product Options page for some examples.

When are video brochures and video mailers used?


Clients use video brochures when other communication channels are not working and they need to stand out. They use them if the competition is all the same because they know a video mailer will set them apart. They also turn to them when other types of communications are not getting them to the next level, since video brochures will get their message across in a compelling way. Most importantly, when you want to grab the attention of your audience and convey an important message in a new and effective way, video brochures are the answer. The combination of print and video display is a great way to wow your audience. It will ensure your message comes across loud and clear...literally.

Where are video brochures used in companies and organizations?


Many different departments use these tools. Human resources, marketing, and sales all benefit from using this device. These groups see the value of video brochures because they know their message gets seen and makes an impact. They use them to convey their important messages to groups they want to motivate, educate and encourage.

Why are video brochures and video mailers used?

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Companies and organizations of all kinds are fighting for the attention of their audiences. Because of this they are turning to video brochures to give them a unique tool that combines their video, photo and print content all into one attention getting, story telling device. Here are some examples we see in our experience:


Schools are using video brochures to recruit certain students. They use these them to show their campus life, their academic rigor, and a pathway to a career for the student. They also use them as gifts for students and teachers as they graduate or meet significant milestones.


Companies are using them to get the attention of students from top tier colleges. They need those students to get a sense of their company's culture and see them as an attractive place to work. Companies also use them to sell their products and services to prospects. On-boarding, basic training and transferring the company's values are also ways companies are using video brochures.


Fund raisers are using them to thank important donors. They can personally thank them and show them the impact of their donations on the group.

Sales Organizations

Sales leaders are using them to congratulate and motivate their high performers as part of their rewards programs. These are used to personally thank them for their efforts. They also encourage the users to load their own personal content and make them a personal keepsake.

Any company or group can benefit from using video brochures and mailers. These attractive tools make it easy to reach an important audience with an attention getting message.


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