Video Brochures in Business

Case Studies

Here are some recent examples of how video brochures are used in business successfully to help companies meet their objectives. Companies can use them to on-board new employees to ensure critical pieces of information are clearly and effectively communicated. They also use them for lead generation as a way to get the attention of key decision makers. They can use them to support their employee recruiting efforts. There are many other applications where video brochures bring positive returns so please keep coming back and we'll continue to show you new stories as we get them.

                                             Making a BIG Impression

Amazon wanted to create a "wow" moment for their top Amazon Ads customers.  Sending a crystal award was nice but it wouldn't create the impact they wanted to make.  In partnership with our distributor we custom designed a highly impactful LED lighted video box that would send the message in a way that stood out from anything the recipient had ever seen before.  Mission accomplished!

                                                      Conveying The Brand

Godiva saw the need of giving basic information to their front line staff. So they turned to a video brochure with training videos loaded on to it. The brochure played tutorials on proper customer service and also provided education on their coffee and pastry items. This information helped these new team members improve their product knowledge and understand their impact on customers. This gave them the confidence they needed to be good at their job.

                                                   Breaking Through

Lexis Nexis was looking for a unique way to present their value proposition to prospects in the C suite. After investing in highly produced video assets they needed a way to get their message through to key decision makers. Sending emails, making cold calls, and sending direct mail were not getting the results they wanted. They turned to a video mailer to cut through the clutter. This allowed them to convey in both print and video their value proposition.

                                                         Tell Them Why

Aldi has a lot to offer MBA graduates coming out of college but they needed a way to get that message across. By combing really good video assets with compelling copy and art design they created a highly impactful recruiting video brochure. The brochure did an excellent job of showing what a great place Aldi is to work.

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                                                 Making a BIG Impression